Is it necessary? Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. The rabbit hole is deep, my friend. It’s a personal decision for the parents, though I do hope that it becomes less and less of a tradition so more people can be educated on the facts. Miller & D.C. Snyder reveal their plan to circumcise all baby boys immediately after birth to prevent masturbation and provide “immunity to nearly all physical and mental illness.” Talk about a pointless tradition! Do You Have to Get Circumcised to Become Jewish. Women are more prone to yeast infections because if the length of thier urethra. And a very controversial one at that. Especially knowing poor baby boys are tortured. Showing 1-10 of 12 reviews. Anything the mohel took off affects the nerves. And only the tip.. Other than that, can you and your doctors and religious figures bring yourselves to finally get your hands out of the boys’ pants? No that decision is robbed of him. Religious freedom has always just boiled down to being free to abuse the weakest members of our society. 3. Learning this was like having blind eyes opened. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) eBook: Ellison, Todd: Tienda Kindle You can’t Google and Youtube everything you want to talk about and have us take it as serious science. You know what bothers me most about this? If women are at risk for breast cancer, shouldnt we be removing all girls’ buds as early as possible to make sure this can be avoided? )” i just don’t believe at all. So here we go. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. This was never practiced by Christians as the Catholic church banned circumcision. Thank you for this post. There’s a big difference between “not medically necessary” and “medically harmful”. This is perfect ammo for me to show to PH, hehe. More pleasure. getting back to my roots: my journey in true health and natural living. I know. The Biblical Act of Circumcision. Keeping God’s commands is what counts. Do we do it for health reasons or for religious reasons—or both? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Chris- it is a very painful procedure also. I so totally agree! Infection can be contracted from and given to either partner. I don’t know if I’m having a boy or not, but reading this & other literature on the subject makes me more confident in the decision to not have my child circumcised. Mar 30, 2013 - Modern circumcision does NOT = Biblical circumcision Pinterest. I do want to make it clear that if you did or do decide to circumcise your baby, I hold no judgement whatsoever. Hope that helps anyone else out there with the same issue – at least in my sons case, it was not related to his circumcision. You talked about it being two equal paths, but in reality, circumcision leaves the baby without their foreskin. Sexual dysfunction from psychological trauma is far less common than from circumcision. Learning this was like having blind eyes opened. The “research” on the benefits of circumcision ride along those lines, and with much less frightening possible medical conditions justifying the procedure. Of course, the incident with Timothy does not directly apply today because Christians need not be circumcised in order to reach … I actually don’t believe God works like that. If we’re honest, that just sounds absurd. Jesus contrasted circumcision (cutting off foreskins) with his own healing, which made a man 'whole and complete.' Twitter. . all that said, i think its fine to have an opinion on this type of thing–as a parent, you’ll need to feel like what you are doing (or not doing) is best for your baby. In Genesis 17:11 it says literally, "be cut short This command was part of a covenant God entered with Abraham. Should we cut off women's breasts just in case they get breast cancer? I cannot think of anything other than circumcision that could have caused that. So you can imagine my confusion after learning that circumcision isn’t medically necessary and certainly doesn’t seem natural. He’s far too kind and wise and creative to throw down random commandments from his throne in heaven. (Read More...) Genesis 21:4 - And Abraham circumcised his son Isaac being eight days old, as God had commanded him. Circumcision: Spiritual Impurity vs. What I am discusted about is the fact that parents especially mothers will not go in the room to see the procedure because they don’t want to see it-it is that disturbing! Does that analogy make sense? He didn’t create pigs and shellfish for food; they fulfill other roles in creation like cleaning up the waste of the farm and the sea. (But then again, I wonder the same about lots of other things that most people consider ‘normal’ . Do you have any trouble keeping it clean?”, the answer is yes. coming from the medical field myself uncircumcised adults have no problems keeping it clean and as a women it does feel better then a circumcised male. Stories such as the circumcision and slaughter of the Shechemites (Genesis 34) or the 100 foreskin dowry (1 Samuel 18: 25-27) carry an implicit warning that was made explicit by the Apostle Paul when he said: Its not about cleanliness in this case, but biological differences. It should be the child’s choice, for its his body after all. It is glaring now, but easy to overlook when it seemed normal. it is important that parents be informed when making Any decision when it comes to their child’s health, but some of the conclusions here can’t be proven. Can we jettison the procedure completely? Read more. So it was like a spiritual revelation to me to read The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin and realize that God had His people’s health in mind when He set up those food laws! The Bible Command to be circumcised. i.e that only 2% of males are Circumcised and that 9/10 are in America. Even if the eighth day of life falls on the Sabbath, which the most sacred of days, the circumcision ceremony, called brit milah, is still performed. Thank you for posting this! Great job, Lori!! It isnt medically necessary for every child being born was the point you so conveniently overlooked. When we were preparing for my first son 10 years ago, my hospital-based midwife asked if we were planning to circumcise. His sacrifice means nothing then. Or, from a modern version:...why are you angry with me for making a man whole and complete on a sabbath? Up until I read this nothing would stop me from circumcising my son. Thanks for sharing your story! I do not believe that gentiles are under any obligation to circumcise their children. Do you have any trouble keeping it clean? You can cut off the tip open or off if the thing is fused shut. By doing your own investigating and starting by telling the truth of *both* sides of the issue equally, you actually may surprise yourself about this topic. Of course if there IS a medical necessity, whatever has to be done it going to be done. The key to Paul's understanding is the following sentence,(vs 19) "Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God." If you’d like to read more about what the Bible says about circumcision under the New Covenant, check out this website that has lots of great information. Yet these little ones are forced to go through it…there first experience with their genitals involve such excrutiating pain. Biblical Circumcision: Brit Milah . Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) eBook: Ellison, Todd: Tienda Kindle He’s now 7 years old and glad to have his entire penis. ReddIt. This is not because parents want harm to come to their children, but because they receive so little instruction on how to raise children they often fall back on tradition (the way it was always done). It continued into the New Testament. NOTES [1] Here I mean the procedure performed on about half of American infants, as well as on Israeli infants, Muslim boys, and teenage boys in … Modern “circumcision” is a man-made[15] practice that extends far beyond the practice authorized by God in the Old Testament. That’s it. . YAY! And why only boys and not girls? 1 Corinthians 12:13. He advocated circumcision as a way to prevent masturbation by teens before marriage. God-ordained circumcision was in the same category as animal sacrifices (another symbolic tradition with blood that found its fulfillment in Jesus). Sarah, I just wanted to let you know I’ve written a new article that focuses more on the topic from a religious perspective. Your boys were like ‘Tabula rasa”. Mar 21, 2017 - Biblical circumcision vs modern day/Western world circumcision I know the biblical mutilation cut off just tip of the foreskin, but it is still circumcision. Why are all these religious leaders so interested in touching penises anyway? Stop quoting other people’s online nonsense and putting it together in a hodge podge of ideas and calling it “truth”. o and STDs are a blood borne pathogen, they come from the sperm and discharge of a women not from the skin….that was a stupid response written by an uneducated person….wow. What disturbs me the most about the whole thing is that so many Christians are holding onto it based off of OT scripture — it kind of makes me mad that “namal” and “muwi” even got translated into “circumcision” in the first place! Yep, it’s true. I was one of them who had no idea. Weighing the options between being intact and circumcision is almost as effective as surveying every man and finding out if circumcised men have more sex than uncircumcised men. and for everyone who is basing their studies off of 2-3 year old research for medicine, please realize that medicine changes every year. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) eBook: Ellison, Todd: Kindle-Shop The numbers of women with the same type of dysfunction (unable to maintain arousal) are miniscule in comparison. It is a spiritual act and refers to nothing less than salvation, effected by the Holy Spirit. The circ fight will be lost regardless… They’ll all have foreskins in the dystopia. Compre Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision (English Edition) de Ellison, Todd na Said the baby made a sound like a hiccup and fell asleep. Circumcised men don’t leave therapy over this without an injection or a pill. . Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Some babies cry longer than other…that silence you hear is NOT from an absence of pain, but from an inability to process the extreme pain-it is a survival mechanism. It is certainly not necessary! People used to remove tonsils in case people got tonsillitis, an idea popularised at a similar time to the modern circumcision fad, and it caused no end of problems - God made tonsils for a reason, and doctors know that now. What parts of the world use viagra the most? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. And usually resolved without a chemical stimulant for sex. It has also been proven that circumcision helps prevent the transfer of STDs (in sexually active adults so I dont know how a 2 yr pediatric study is going to show that). Should a boy have a fusion, open it up. (Jerusalem Bible, John 7:23.) Easy to figure out. My husband forced the decision. My son was born with a slight deformity – hypospadius, which is the urethra having a larger opening; while at the urologist /surgeon having that checked out, he said there was another problem – his skin was too tight on the top and that it would affect him sexually as an adult and would even cause his penis to curve the wrong way and tighten while erected. The fingers still come in handy but how much more helpful it would be with that thumb! He screams and screams until he can bare it no longer and withdrawals into himself. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Just my take on it. What the Bible says about Circumcision, Spiritual ... Covenant, the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant are valid, and Abraham is our spiritual father, as it were. Modern “circumcision” is a man-made[15] practice that extends far beyond the practice authorized by God in the Old Testament. my mother who is a doctor also agrees in that there is a study that it does traumatize the baby. It was at the heart of the covenant God established with Abraham and his descendants. Then right about the time babies are generally toilet trained, the foreskin begins to loosen and naturally retract. Thanks!! I have read that in the 3 oldest existing copies of the Torah that there is no mention of circumcision being part of the covenant between God and Abraham – the reference to circumcision was inserted some 1000 years later. Parents, the very people that are supposed to Love and protect children are often responsible for their first experiences of violence. Ditto. Circumcision is most prevalent in the religions of Judaism, Islam, and some Christian denominations such as the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and the Eritrean Orthodox Church.. I just didn’t get it. VK. His circumcision must have been done poorly. But that’s totally OK. It’s always encouraging to hear things like that. It truly is personal preference, sans the influence of tradition and religion. I would think it’s like removing a thumb. To avoid this, at some point (maybe 140AD, but sources differ) the Pharisees introduced a more severe operation, approaching modern circumcision, which could not be hidden. Is this something we just accept as a “because I’m God and I said so” kind of thing? Similarly, the biblical account of lshmael’s circumcision at the age of thirteen (Genesis 17:25) coincides with the time the boy entered society as a man. Do I agree with all of her conclusions? A form of circumcision was also practiced in Oceania and Aboriginal Australia using sea shells as the cutting instrument. A lot of circumcised men don’t always get fully erect even during masturbation. Amputate is the term. If you want to debate that, you are on a while other issue than that which is addressed in this post! Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision eBook: Ellison, Todd: Kindle Store Is the baby choosing whether “his dick is showing” ? Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Have a good one, and keep up the good work. I agree with Adam Houston. ), The writers of the New Testament are very clear that circumcision (along with animal sacrifices) are no longer necessary. To read about that, and to learn of a neglected third option, which fulfills the biblical requirement but does not greatly change this part of the male anatomy, see the Kindle book, "Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision." Your covering the health, nature and biblical points has completely changed my mind. It has been argued that Michelangelo's David should show David as Circumcised. ! I was reluctant to read it but I am glad I did. Where’s the college fund for each circumcised baby? blah-ing with passion. :) Yet parents just don’t give a shit. Email. Modern circumcision, by contrast, does separate and remove. Top rated. Finally a suggestion for the church’s way forward in dealing with it is made. Hey Adam–thanks for your comment! The early Jews who performed circumcision's were not surgeons with modern medical knowledge. Lori, I think your post is great and the facts presented are solid and well-documented. really? The numbers of men with sexual dysfunction are huge. The word muwl means “to curtail, to blunt, to cut shorter.” There are totally different words used in Hebrew for “cut off” or “removed.”. Facebook. Do we do it or don’t we? While it did not cause total sexual dysfunction, it meant that his arousal always was accompanied by at least a burning sensation if not outright pain, and he had to be careful of his skin both during sex and in daily life, like choosing clothes that didn’t rub and keeping clean without irritating broken skin. Hopefully this post and your testimony will encourage others to research the issue themselves as well. However, as Paul states unequivocally in Galatians, circumcision does not aid either salvation or sanctification in Christ. And strange as it may seem, it holds as deep a meaning for us today as it did when God first gave circumcision in Abraham's time. Some rabbi’s suck it after they cut it. Most men I’ve seen have two different shades of skin on the penis, with the part farther away from the body that was once covered by foreskin being more pink, but the two sections are separated only by a line where the color (and sometimes the skin texture) changes. (your quote – ” Debating theology is beyond the scope of this blog”) Circumcision is a religious belief for many people who do not believe that “Jesus’s death and resurrection fulfilled the Old Covenant Law with all its rules and regulations.” And, circumcision has been practiced the same way for thousands of years. I think you might find it interesting as a Jewish Believer in particular, so I wanted to share it with you! Skip to main content. Over time, the procedure evolved and began to include a second step in the procedure that was adopted around 140 AD. Now lets talk medical. Maybe even a bit ridiculous to modern ears, doesn't it? And Jo- a natural childbirth is best unless there is a medical reason for interventions which can then truly save the life of the mother and baby:) more women and babies are put in danger because of routine interventions all because we humans think we know better. Much like women’s right to vote, a black person’s right to drink from any water fountain, etc. I would be disappointed had my parents not chosen to circumcise me (and they did debate it). Check out this great slideshow to see the rise and fall of infant circumcision in the US, UK, and the world, along with some really crazy stats. It was part of the religion of Israel. Learning this was like having blind eyes opened. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. No. You are basically saying, in your conclusion, that you aren’t judging parents who choose to circumcise their boys but “once you know the facts I just gave you, you surely wouldn’t want to do this” (paraphrased of course). Through the course of history, significant differences between Biblical circumcision and modern circumcision have developed, both in ceremony and physical procedure. They’ll thank me for a blowjob from a priest at 13 instead of meeting a rabbi with a knife. But WHY RISK such problems for NO REASON?! This type circumcision continued throughout the ages and during the time of Christ. But if someone chooses to circumcise their child after conducting the same research and prayerful consideration, that’s great too. it was first practiced by Abraham’s clan after its settlement in Canaan. It is believed that the early races of our ancestors practiced circumcision in order to increase the effectiveness of procreating. Thanks Sarah! “You can’t Google and Youtube everything you want to talk about and have us take it as serious science.” Google is simply a search engine, and you can use it to arrive at everything from whacko porn websites to the Library of Congress. and that is why women are much more prone to developing infections and contracting diseases. Then after fourteen years, I went up again to Jerusalem, this time with Barnabas. And, as the website I mentioned earlier so cleverly recognizes, “there are few things so safely guarded as tradition.”, “Circumcision is a solution in search of a problem.” -Edward Wallerstein. Modern circumcision is backed by various other reasons, but the procedure is more or less the same as it has been for much of its history. I’m a nurse so have had to watch them and I can’t stomach them. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision eBook: Ellison, Todd: Kindle Store Is it archaic? Once you bring up your beliefs of what God wants, then you’ve created a debate., Thank you so much for this fantastic write-up on a subject that is all too often ignored. The Bible Command to be circumcised. It also makes the penis more uncomfortable for women during sex (a circumcised penis is shaped like a barb and having an intact penis helps the penis to glide more smoothly during ). It’s time to clear up a whole host of misconceptions when it comes to infant circumcision. First off, before embarking on any kind of faith based discussion of circumcision, it is important to clarify that the circumcision that Abraham and his descendants practiced was something entirely different from modern circumcision. Keep your boys whole!! If one, by faith in keeping with their Jewish heritage, becomes circumcised, then keeps the Law, his circumcision is in obedience to God. (Check out this pdf for references: […] Modern Circumcision is Not Necessary, Natural, or Biblical […]. Clipping a tiny bit of the foreskin to draw blood is nothing like amputating the entire thing. The sliding/gliding motion of the foreskin over the glans and corona is deeply pleasurable for the male – and makes initial insertion of the penis easier and more comfortable for both partners. It is well-written, well-researched, and relatively unbiased (which I have to say is rare in an anti-circ post). I hope nine years later you now have seen enough proof of the sexual dysfunction problem. Biblical Circumcision vs. Modern Circumcision. Were the parents paid. Is it necessary? Feb 17, 2013 - Biblical circumcision vs how it currently done. (Can I get an Amen?!). One of the communities that have the least crime and violence are Jewish Orthodox communities where circumcision is performed all the time. | Wellness Mama, sexual problems like chronic erection failure &, Urinary retention (swelling from trauma of surgery & pain when trying to urinate), Skin tags (a cosmetic problem if there is an uneven removal of skin), Meatitis (inflammation of the urethral opening), Meatal stenosis (scar tissue causes urinary obstruction – occurs in 1/3 of circumcised males & not at all with intact males), Meatal ulceration (caused by meatitis or abrasions from dry or soiled diapers – does not occur with intact boys but occurs with up to 50% of circumcised ones). “Please back up your emphatic statements…” You mean by linking to a statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics after 2 years of research? Did you know America is the only Western nation to implement mass infant circumcision? … So why do we amputate boy’s foreskin these days? Do you have any further thoughts on that? This day ushered in the New Covenant that promised a circumcision of the heart, not made with human hands (Rom 2:29). It just isn’t. Hey Lori, very informative. Viber. You can grow a mile of skin from an infants foreskin. While “possible complications” that you listed abound, INCIDENCE of such complications related to circumcision in a sterile environment remains exceedingly low – lower than or equal to the unique complications that are only possible with intact male children (problems related to foreskin retraction, etc which are present in the low single digits according to the AAP). nurses and doctors or anyone in that field have to take classes each year and tests to keep in the times. They’ll claim they are protecting them from thier parents and use stuff like circumcision to get there. sexual dysfunction? The intact penis. Either way, it will still be able to function just the same. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It obviously wasn’t for medical reasons (as we figured out above). | Modern Alternative Mama, CIRCUMCISION: IS IT REALLY NECESSARY?

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