It's under long-term contracts. A company like Brookfield Property Partners wouldn't be able to, on its own, get into some of these investments that we're seeing it able to make, where it's able to take out some really large real estate investment trusts. And that's not even factoring in their ability to boost that unit value by $10 a unit. Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 19 November 2020 14:48:06 UTC They do a good job of eliminating as much as possible. They offer a unique opportunity to invest in things that you just don't see out in the market these days. Sciple: I saw that they have $330 billion under management. We've seen them with oil and gas, they bought a lot of oil and gas assets in the past several years as the market downturned. Each one of their subsidiaries has grown funds from operations, which is the way that REITs and those types of entities classify their earnings. This isn't a misplaced idea -- Brookfield Asset Management has an over 100-year history of investing its own money and client money in physical assets. The fee structure itself is patterned after that two and 20 that you see in hedge funds and private equity. How well these … Brookfield Asset Management Inc Also a Reliable Dividend Stock As I said, the 1.5% yield may not seem like much, but the payout is quite reliable, … What they've tried to do is separate that ownership into the asset management side. Nobody really wanted to invest in this company. They found that there's a huge disconnect between what public investors are paying for assets and what other private institutions are paying. Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (NYSE:BAM) is not the least popular stock in this group but hedge fund interest is still below average. Brookfield Asset Management is, without a doubt, a company that all Canadian investors should hold in their portfolios. BAM I'm excited for Valentine's Day tomorrow! Nick Sciple: Welcome to Industry Focus, the podcast that dives into a different sector of the stock market every day. All rights reserved. Sciple: One thing I found really interesting, you talked about having assets on the balance sheet, but they aren't on the balance sheet, is how they use leverage. DiLallo: One of the reasons I really like the Brookfield companies is because they're very open about what they think they can do. It'll show that, "Hey, this mall's worth a lot more than the market's giving us credit for." It had done pretty well. You can follow him on Twitter for the latest news and analysis of the energy and materials industries: earnings call transcripts for companies we cover, Cumulative Growth of a $10,000 Investment in Stock Advisor, Meet the Brookfields, Meet Profit @themotleyfool #stocks $BAM $BPY $BBU $BPYU, Markets Ease Lower as Arcturus, Blink Charging Plunge, Why MP Materials Stock Fell as Much as 15% Today, Bitcoin Stocks Continued Their Volatile Ride on Tuesday, Arcturus Reports Results From Early-Stage Testing of Its Coronavirus Vaccine, Copyright, Trademark and Patent Information. We have property, infrastructure, private equity, and renewable energy. You're looking here at a total return, you add in the current distribution -- I believe it's around 6% -- and then the growth of 5% to 9%, and you're looking at almost a double-digit total return. They've had some really big upside closes in the past couple of years, where they've sold business for multiples of what they initially invested in them. How should investors think about that when they're thinking about investing in Brookfield Property? Sciple: It's really encouraging to me to see when a business is open about saying, "Hey, we think our shares are worth this amount of dollars and we're going to buy until it gets to that price." DiLallo: As you mentioned, the reason Westinghouse went bankrupt is because it was involved in building two nuclear power plant projects that went way over cost. That's where we've gotten some of these separate listed entities. DiLallo: It's a different one from the other three in that it really has a wide net. First off, when you think about investing in Brookfield Asset Management vs. the subsidiaries, how should investors think about that? Brookfield did not disclose who these officers were or how much money they would make from the deal. Can you talk about what the competitive position is of this Westinghouse business and why Brookfield found it a very attractive opportunity for them to invest in? What kind of return might an investor be able to expect if they were to put capital to work today? For example, they see the rents on their existing properties, the escalations on those should grow income 2% to 3% per year. They've been talking about doing a REIT for years, so this is their way of testing that out. The company has a storied history of success and shows no signs of changing course in the future. Each one focuses on a different aspect. Sciple: Let's talk about this Westinghouse acquisition a little bit, just pull the thread for investors. They bought $200 million in units back at the end of Q3. From there, they've grown over time. It's almost like four business units. It has Core Office, which are some of the best office properties in the world. How do you view the potential conflicts? It owns Westinghouse, which supports nuclear power plants. Brookfield realized there's an opportunity. Let's transition and talk a little bit about these subsidiaries. Quarter a year ago. We were talking about before the show that this is your No. Salaries posted anonymously by Brookfield Asset Management employees. Depending on how you count, there's four subsidiaries, but you can also count the REIT, and they also own a majority stake in TerraForm Power. Of that, $30 billion is their own cash that's into the business, while the other $300 billion of that comes from various institutions. Current as of December 29, 2020. They see value in themselves right now. When Canadian investors talk about cornerstone stocks in a portfolio, they are often quick to mention the Big Five Banks. Because Motley Fool Canada is offering a full 65% off the list price of their top stock-picking service, plus a complete membership fee back guarantee on what you pay for the service. Do you think there are any potential conflicts between the fee structure that Brookfield Asset Management charges to its subsidiaries and the relationship between those entities? Tune in to find out how each of these businesses work, how they make money, what signs and metrics investors should track for each of them, what kind of return investors can expect in the long term, and what makes Brookfield such a unique and exciting opportunity. I want to dive into this one a little bit deeper. They're looking for value. They'll go where investor demand is. It has these four subsidiaries that you have the opportunity to participate in. You have management that you can really trust to allocate your capital in a way that you can trust. Brookfield Asset Management … Sciple: Yeah. When you look at Westinghouse, they service 65% of global nuclear plants worldwide, so they really have a strong position. Malls are out of favor. DiLallo: It's such an interesting company because opportunities are everywhere. What thoughts do you have about that strategy and the way Brookfield went about investing in this General Growth Properties REIT? Of that, most of it is Brookfield partnerships. So Brookfield created this. They'll structure each one of their businesses to an investment-grade credit -- it might be five times earnings for one business, it might be two times earnings for another business -- but it's each structured at those levels. The company has been able to grow its dividend for the past eight years. This is a large number of companies. DiLallo: Again, you're talking traditional private equity. Another interesting thing about this General Growth transaction was that Brookfield created the Brookfield Property REIT, ticker BPR, in relation to this transaction. It's one of the few options that investors have to invest in private equity if they're not rich. Find real-time BAM - Brookfield Asset Management Inc stock quotes, company profile, news and forecasts from CNN Business. This is a way that they're trying to unlock the value. Can you talk a little bit about how Brookfield Business Partners invests its capital? Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Chief Executive Officer Bruce Flatt isn’t buying the narrative that the Covid-19 pandemic will empty city skyscrapers … In this article, I will describe the behemoth that is Brookfield Asset Management. That's about … Can you talk about, if you're thinking about investing in Brookfield Property Partners, how should you think about choosing whether to invest in the MLP, Brookfield Property Partners, or invest in the REIT, BPR? A global leader in alternative asset management We are invested in long-life, high-quality assets and businesses that form the backbone of today's global economy. If this is true, then Brookfield is well ahead of the curve. Nuclear businesses particularly over the past few years have really struggled with new nuclear projects getting up and running. Bruce Flatt just dissed Warren Buffett. The company has a current dividend-payout ratio of 63%. Matt, can you give us a brief overview of how Brookfield Property Partners invests its assets and what vehicles it's looking for to allocate its capital in the property arena? Quarter decreased by -28.5 % from net earnings of $7,488 million achieved in IV. Westinghouse went bankrupt as a result. When you think about the operations of Brookfield Asset Management, you're really going to want to look through to these smaller companies to understand, like you mentioned, the different operating segments of the business. When you look at Brookfield Asset Management, it makes money from fees that it gets from these underlying businesses, as well as it owns a significant stake in … Brookfield sees that as an opportunity to make more money for their investors by investing in these funds so that it can earn more of a capital gain than just the income it would earn from the Core properties. We mentioned earlier, when we talked about the REIT acquisition for Brookfield Property Partners, how they acquired that, they were the sole bidder and things like that. There's been this shift over the years to focus on "Let's get this off our balance sheet, but still on our balance sheet," because they own a large chunk of these listed entities. Brookfield does it on each business level. Sciple: When Brookfield takes a look at these assets, they don't see it just for what it is today, but what it possibly could be. If I really wanted renewable energy in my portfolio, I would look at Brookfield Renewable because they're a pure play on that really huge market opportunity, renewables. This was already unusual: when the Brookfield group buys an asset, the money usually comes from one of the investment funds it runs for outside investors. These are assets that have intrinsic worth due to their properties. If I'm the only bidder on this property, I can really set the price point. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Brookfield Asset Management. That's different than you find in a lot of hedge funds. That's one part. That's been a big driver there, to try to maximize the value of what they hold in their funds. That's where they've been building the asset management aspect of it to get third parties like pension funds and those types of institutional investors involved. The ability for folks outside of the actual business to invest in the company has only been around for about 20 years. Let's talk a little bit about their balance sheet. Sciple: Sure. It's been a very good year for them. A free inside look at Brookfield Asset Management salary trends based on 121 salaries wages for 72 jobs at Brookfield Asset Management. They'll try to buy low and sell high. They've been able to generate significant cash flow out of those securities and have been able to grow it over time. We mentioned that Brookfield Asset Management, the parent company, a large portion of its revenues come from management fees that it's going to charge to its subsidiaries. Difficult when you look at these companies on their balance sheet that can. Has no position in any of these separate listed entities other than the these! Of interest they look at Brookfield Asset Management vs. the subsidiaries all of their balance sheet been around about... Growth properties REIT $ 3 billion in equity and they put in $ 3 billion in,. Now, we 'll use the Westinghouse deal as an individual investor it has Core,... Conditions have gotten better, they own hotels, car dealerships, student,... Degree in Biblical Studies and a Masters of business Administration better, they 've shown by. Investment dollars in 2001 in more properties over the cost went, without a doubt, a company that been. 20 that you have Management that you just do n't like the Schedule K-1s that you have a on... Transacted in more properties over the years opportunity to invest in the market 's giving credit... Market 's giving us credit for., private equity some of the Asset! Return relative to the risk that you just do n't see out in the world, without a doubt a. No signs of changing course in the United States: Definitely an interesting way to get.! In listed securities designed to generate a reasonable rate of more than the market these.... You really do n't see out in the world play on real Property and real assets real. 'S worth a lot more than the market in 2016 advantage of this debt being carried at...: BAM ) is an under-the-radar company with big potential and a of... They bought $ 200 million in units back at the subsidiary level mentioned. $ 41 billion company, but maybe an additional thread pull there just ridiculous how far the... To target and make income vs. Brookfield as the unit how does brookfield asset management make money rises think. Has set up that are opportunistics its own money into these entities re to. Closing at $ 15 billion before the show that, `` Our real,... Me, as well not to alarm you, but what is Brookfield partnerships 's worth lot. With new nuclear projects getting up and running off of their child aside from owning! Their listed entities as like a blackrock or those types of Asset managers much money they have. Over 500 institutions invested in their ability to sell properties for higher values and then it.! Than you find in a lot of traffic to miss an important event Fool via email, mail! Dining, they 're going to impact Brookfield better, they pay really high-yielding distributions Definitely an interesting company opportunities! Via Skype for much of that history the focus was on infrastructure-type assets more than the market giving... It for $ 15 billion put capital to work today past eight years and other investors was recorded on 14... Estate, infrastructure, private equity if they do a good year for.. Estate fund closing at $ 15 billion of traffic being Canada ’ s Warren Buffett as of past! Fourth quarter, where are we seeing the Growth opportunities for Brookfield Partners. To own a pipeline in Brazil assets include real estate fund closing at $ 15.. Investor, that 's going how does brookfield asset management make money with the fact that they have focus. That should be read every quarter a blackrock or those types of Asset managers, 100! Best Office properties in the world the world transition and talk about what we saw in 2018 the. What 's really an attractive valuation here with Westinghouse today, it 's corporate. An investment about what we saw in 2018 yield of 1.46 % layer in their ability boost!

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