An interrogative word or question word is a function word used to ask a question, such as what, which , when, where, who, whom, whose, why, whether and how. Direct and Indirect Speech! Write complete sentences. Examples: I wonder how that was built. Dès que certaines journées commencent, on sait qu'elles se passeront mal ! In German gymnasia, or high schools, the subjunctive in that dependent clause was required, “[a]ccording to the rule in Classical Latin – a rule which teachers stamped into the memory of their students, [that] the subjunctive stands in all subordinate interrogative clauses” (Wackernagel, Lectures on Syntax, 1929, I, … Declarative clause + indirect interrogative clause: Indirect question: bouvletai eijdevnai pou` ejstin oJ Swkravth~ HE WANTS TO KNOW WHERE SOCRATES IS. Noun clause / indirect question: I'm not sure if they have lived there long. That indirect question-clauses containing indicatives mark an informal style goes together with other findings on Roman comedy: one study, for instance, shows that contractions like currendum’st (< currendum est Ps. Reports of indirect questions: I asked them if they had seen my dog. A reported wh-question begins with a main clause that mentions: (1) the speaker; (2) a verb expressing inquiry, mostly the verb ask; (3) the interrogative pronoun; (4) the the content of the quote as it relates to the speaker in time, person, place, and direction, at the moment of speaking. Apprends comment construire les questions indirectes en français avec nos explications simples et claires accompagnées d’exemples et entraîne-toi à les utiliser avec nos exercices ! Je me demande s’il vient. Comment s’appelle-t-il ? the truthfulness of their entire content needs to be confirmed or denied. In Japanese, whenever there is a quantifier that follows ka か, it will refer to the noun phrase embedded in the indirect question.. 17. Quelles sont les phrases qui contiennent une subordonnée interrogative indirecte ? You make take the following as synonymous in my last few posts: embedded interrogative, embedded interrogative clause, indirect question. The two patterns of the sentences are opposed... That's why it is fundamental to know how to recognise them in order to be able to use … Les interrogatives indirectes selon la norme grammaticale dominent. When changing from direct to indirect speech, you need to change the grammar in certain ways. 20 sentences of direct and indirect speech Direct speech is the ones that the person establishes himself / herself. Reported speech: indirect speech - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary De plus, tu trouveras dans les réponses des explications et des conseils pour comprendre la réponse correcte. Indirect question (that includes an embedded question): Could you tell me where the station is? The Indirect Question is a noun clause introduced by a verb of saying, thinking, asking, remembering, doubting, etc. “how that was built” is an interrogative clause; In indirect speech certain grammatical categories are changed relative to the words of the original sentence. We use cookies to improve our service for you. Direct questions are the "normal" questions that we can ask friends, family members, and people who we know well. Sentences with Question Tags (i) In the indirect speech the question-tag is usually left. See my page about indirect questions for more information. Indirect question clauses [423] An indirect question (or indirect interrogative) is a question inside a main sentence. Interrogatives with who, where, what, when, how etc., i.e. Le mot interrogatif est donc suivi de la même structure que celle de la phrase affirmative simple : sujet – verbe – complément. Nous demandons d’où il vient. By eunique317 This worksheet contains context clues preliminary activity followed by activities for direct and indirect speech that contains questions ... 2,674 Downloads . he asked, she inquired) in indirect speech. Interrogative sentences are of two types: Interrogative with auxiliaries at the beginning. Interrogative content clauses. Interrogative content clauses, often called indirect questions, can be used in many of the same ways as declarative ones; for example, they are often direct objects of verbs of cognition, reporting, and perception, but here they emphasize knowledge or lack of knowledge of one element of a fact: I know what you did. A direct yes-no question can be turned into an indirect interrogative clause introduced with ob. La transformation de l’interrogation directe en interrogation indirecte entraîne des changements grammaticaux  : Si le verbe de la phrase introductive est au présent (par exemple il demande), les temps du discours restent les mêmes. Change in reported speech While converting any interrogative sentence into passive voice all the following changes are made quite similarly as defined in the … Lorsqu’il s’agit d’une interrogation indirecte, on supprime le point d’interrogation et on utilise un point à la place de celui-ci. Elle voudrait savoir …. Quand on pose directement une question à quelqu'un, on emploie l'interrogation directe/le discours direct/le style direct. - Were you strong enough to carry this box? Le mot interrogatif est donc suivi de la même structure que celle de la phrase affirmative simple : sujet – verbe – complément. Rules for conversion of Interrogative Direct Speech Sentence into Indirect Speech Sentences. (interrogation directe) Je ne sais pas quand il revient. Quand introduire l’interrogation indirecte par si ? [The clause who saved the child is a relative clause, for it makes a distinct assertion … Ask yourself if the adjective clause requires a subject, object, or possessive form. (also known as interrogation point, query, or eroteme in journalism) is a punctuation mark that indicates an interrogative clause or phrase in many languages.The question mark is not used for indirect questions.The question mark glyph is … An indirect question is a question embedded inside another sentence. À l'oral, c'est seulement le ton montant de la voix qui marque l'interrogation. Indirect Questions are Noun-Like. Ici: utilisation de la 3, modification des marqueurs de temps, si besoin, L’interrogation indirecte – avec mot interrogatif, L’interrogation indirecte – transformation interrogation directe/indirecte. Or again, in the following examples: (5) It’s amazing what he can hide up his sleeve! What is an indirect question? In the example above, the adjective clause tells us about "the man." Quelle est la structure de l’interrogation indirecte ? Instead, after the question-word the word order remains the same as in a main clause: question word + subject + verb + object. Mes modestes conseils, que vous n'êtes pas obligés de suivre, avant d'aborder cette fiche : - SAVOIR ce qu'est un « reporting verb », - CONNAITRE ( un peu ) le phénomène de « backshift tense » et savoir ( un peu ) l'utiliser. GreatKidsLearning 13,290 views. L’inversion est pourtant fréquente lorsque le sujet est un nom (et non un pronom) et que le verbe n’a pas de complément. The sailor who saved the child is a Portuguese. In my contribution, I test Levinson's (2012) social economics of questions based on a sample of 4108 tokens of interrogative clauses taken from the International Corpus of English, British Component, that encode various direct and indirect questions.. QUOTED WH-QUESTION; An interrogative pronoun — who, what, where, when, why, or how —is used in an "open interrogative", a question which accepts a wide range of answers. Usually, it is used in spoken language. when you ask yourself a question or when you report someone else's, you MUST use the indirect interrogative form. Cochez la (ou les) bonne(s) réponse(s). You can find more information in our data protection declaration. if, whether – marker of subordination in interrogative clauses (Huddleston 956) Also, do not use a question mark with a statement containing an indirect question. Je ne comprends pas …. Le tableau suivant présente les règles de la concordance des temps  : Nos exercices en ligne français sont conçus pour que tu puisses apprendre les règles de grammaire relatives à ce chapitre de manière interactive. Note the punctuation at the end of the sentence: if the main clause is declarative, it has a full stop at the end. It is also called reported speech. I wonder + interrogative term + subject + verb => I wonder where he lives. Dans certains cas il faut changer la personne du verbe (1re personne → 3e personne). Types of indirect questions. A statement that has an interrogative clause but does not ask a question is actually a declarative sentence. The conjugated verb is usually at the end of the sentence. Indirect question: Ich möchte wissen, wie ich schnell Deutsch lerne. The main clause can be a declarative clause or an interrogative. L’interrogation indirecte. (ii) In indirect speech these words are removed and the word ‘respectfully’ is used in the reporting clause. The embedded question is a noun clause and can be used in a similar way to a noun. If it is an interrogative, there is a question mark at the end. . L’interrogation indirecte est une phrase dans laquelle la question n’est pas posée directement à quelqu’un. Il demande …. Usually, it is used in spoken language. Interrogative content clauses. There are two types of direct questions, the yes-no questions and the question-word questions (w-word questions). If reported speech is in interrogative change it into indirect narration by following the directions below. CalifJim; CliveThe bottom line, of course, is that any of these systems is OK as long as it provides a tool that someone finds useful in learning to speak good English. )- la suppression de la forme interrogative (place des mots, ponctuation)- des changements de temps et de pronoms personnels. Contrairement à la phrase interrogative qui pose une question directement et qui appelle une réponse, l’interrogation indirecte rapporte une question au sein d’une phrase. In an indirect question, the question-word comes before the subject. The yes-no questions can be answered with a "yes" or a "no", i.e. I. (Compare this to a "closed interrogative", a question which accepts yes or no, limited answers).A wh-question may be restated within a clause.. MAIN CLAUSE: QUOTED SPEECH: My friend always asks, Karena merupakan reported speech, indirect question tidak menggunakan question mark (tanda tanya) di akhir kalimatnya.. Rumus Indirect Question. the truthfulness of their entire content needs to be confirmed or denied. Dans la phrase 3, le sens du verbe principal (vois très bien) n'implique pas une question mais une certitude. Transferring the sentence that someone else says is called indirect speech. There must be no question mark at the end of the sentence. Κeywords: indirect interrogative clauses, indirect exclamative clauses, introductive verbs, ambiguity, ambivalence, modality . The main clause can be a declarative clause or an interrogative. Look at the examples. As you already know from other subordinate clauses, the conjugated verb in the yes-no question "migrates" to the end of the subordinate clause. In sentences using the auxiliaries TO BE / TO HAVE (GOT), and modal auxiliaries: you just have to do the subject / verb inversion: Interrogative word+ Auxiliary+ subject+ verb + ? The verb such as ‘say’ or ‘tell’ (e.g. Indirect Question) - Duration: 6:13. The clause contains the question, in normal … Exercices. This type of question is reported by using 'ask' (or another verb like 'ask') + question word + clause. #1 is an indirect reporting of the question in the speaker's mind: "What made her do it?' L'interrogation directe/Le discours direct/Le style direct. A direct W-question can be turned into an indirect interrogative clause introduced with a question word that starts with W . La subordonnée interrogative indirecte peut toujours être transformée en interrogation directe. For example ‘I am watching TV’ is an example of direct speech however ‘she said that she was watching TV’ is indirect speech. Learn how to use Direct and Indirect Speech and Tense Changes when using Reported Speech in English with useful grammar rules and example sentences (reported speech is often also called indirect speech.) Declarative clause + indirect interrogative clause: Bitte sag mir, wo eine gute Sprachschule ist. L’interrogation indirecte – exercices généraux, modification des verbes. All your results will be lost. 1 - C'EST QUOI , UNE YES / NO QUESTION? She asked what was the schedule for next concert. Direct : Mahesh said, “Sir, may I go home?” Indirect: Mahesh respectfully asked his sir if he might go home. The verb in the indirect question is always in the subjunctive. Il te faut un compte Lingolia Plus pour avoir accès à ces exercices supplémentaires. - Direct or indirect interrogative clauses - How and What ... like - Direct or Indirect Clauses - Reported speech and present continuous - Indirect speech > Double-click on words you don't understand: Reported speech and If - Whether Find the end of the sentences. If it is an interrogative, there is a question mark at the end. It uses the word order of a statement and it is a noun clause. Indirect interrogative clauses report a question in an indirect manner. a) What happens to the original verb? Tense Changes in Reported Speech Style: if is slightly more informal than whether: We asked him if he was going to be a little late. Können Sie mir sagen, welcher Bus zur Sprachschule fährt. By the way, the Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary agrees with me on defining what as a relative pronoun in some contexts: "8. There are some rules to change direct to Indirect speech of Interrogative sentence: Again, we also don't usually need to 'backshift' (change the tense of the verb) as we do with reported questions. As we already had explained in the article interrogation in German, there are 2 types of interrogative clauses … Comment passer de l’interrogation directe à l’interrogation indirecte ? Remerciements Je tiens à exprimer toute ma reconnaissance à Florence Lefeuvre, directrice de cette thèse, pour avoir encadré et dirigé mon travail. The verb 'is' should be changed to 'was' as per the tense of the main clause, and 'was' should be placed after its subject ("the government's intention").

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