Great for beginners. Westie rescue groups do keep their eyes peeled on shelters and humane societies across the country. If you have ever been concerned about owning a dog because they may be unfriendly to strangers or your existing pets, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with a Westiepoo. The main thing to remember is that they are unlikely to perform unless they see what’s in it for them. So we have had our little guy for 4 months now, he is 6 months. Pros and cons... (are mixes inferior to purebreds and crosses? Adopting From Dog Rescue Organizations Instead, they’ll be begging for your attention and will always have the desire to switch things up and get a little different with their playtime. There may be dominance issues or aggression toward other dogs. A Westiepoo seemingly has all of the personality traits you would expect from a family-oriented designer dog. I wiggled my way in through the pres. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. ), West Highland White Terrier Review _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); As one of the most popular mixed breeds, Westiepoos are only going to increase in popularity over the years. Foxes; hedgehogs, cats and terriers are traffic vulnerable species. Couple questions about owning a westie. south of Richmond VA, 2 1/2 hrs. try { terms of teething how long did it last (if you remember) and did they continue to bite hands after? Here are our favorite tips for prospective owners. tend to be quite substantial in size and body weight and can weigh the same as their ‘medium’ counterparts. How to test the temperament and personality of West Highland White Terrier puppies and pick the best puppy in a litter. The following are a few generalizations about what owning a certain breed says about your personality. As mentioned above most of the various terrier breeds are very social and friendly dogs that enjoy spending time with both familiar friends and even new people. Are You Sure? You’ll also want to consider investing in a pin brush, a de-matter, and a clipper if you intend on doing the grooming at home. For starters, they are exceptionally energetic and intelligent; they are too much of a busy body to be a lap dog, wriggling away after just a few minutes! He does respond well to consistent discipline and to obedience training that utilizes food rewards. Quality, Not Quantity! This is an assignment for the University of Central Missouri. Buying From a Dog Breeder _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); A Westie is a big dog in a small dog’s body and is stronger and tougher than it looks with no shortage of self-esteem. All rights reserved. Despite being a Westie owner herself Kelly Rose Bradford says she hopes not to see them become the dog de jour. On average, a Westiepoo will need to venture at least eight miles weekly as their minimum amount of exercise, which equates to approximately 45 minutes per day. But should you? If you own a terrier (s) you know how much this … } catch(e) {}. Choosing the Right Westie Puppy Their hair is very prone to matting, especially around their ears, and if it becomes too dirty, you’ll be forced to cut away any tangles and caked-on dirt. The breed was named west highland white terrier in 1907, and has been very popular in the UK ever since. These dogs definitely lower blood pressure and stress levels. 16 Pros and Cons of Owning a Goldendoodle. About the author: Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers. Guide to owning a Dog - Part 2: If you arent prepared to go through the trials and training of a baby puppy, an older puppy or even a mature dog can be a good alternative, especially in households in which the family pet may have to spend much of the day unsupervised. Are you ready? Having a strong idea of the traits typically presented by a Westiepoo can help you to determine whether they are the right designer dog breed for your family or not. They were originally trained for hunting and ratting, but now they are more show dogs that are trained for competitions. A lack of leadership on the owner’s part can cause many behavior problems, such as biting, guarding food and furniture . Here are our favorite tips for prospective owners. Terriers are naturally fun and love to play, even well into their senior years. 1. The Benefits to Owning A Terrier. Their family-oriented and playful manner also helps to make introducing new dogs into the household much easier. Commitment to provide thorough socialization – introducing your Westie to lots of people and other animals, diligently correcting any signs of misbehavior or aggression Commitment to establish the right Leader-Follower relationship with your Westie, teaching him to listen to you and do what you say Dog training videos. Owning a Westie is a huge responsibility. Feb 29, 2020 - West Highland White Terriers have been beloved pets to many for hundreds of years, yet loving these pups comes with a lot of risk! A West Highland Terrier took home Best in Show at Crufts on Sunday night. It’s no wonder why financial fears are among the most popular impediments to dog ownership, according to surveys conducted by the American Humane Society, which indicate that 29% of non-dog-owners cite “general costs” as their main reason for not getting a dog either for the first time or after having one previously. Ideally, Westiepoo owners will need to brush through their pet’s coat at least once weekly. Though maintaining regular vet visits is highly recommended, the day-to-day costs of owning a Westiepoo are minimal. Often potential owners see a tiny puppy and forget that this small, little bundle of energy will one day be a full grown animal that needs constant exercise, attention and love; as well as training, food, and healthcare. west of Virginia Beach Phone inquiries only ~ … What you need to know about owning a Westie. Other Westies are given up simply because of changed family circumstances, and these dogs may have no behavior problems at all. Introducing your new dog to new family members and friends will be substantially easier than with other breeds. Bulldogs are determined, persistent, and do not give up easily. If this is the first time you have considered owning a dog, you will love the idea of this breed as they are fantastic for first-time owners. The only thing better than a Westie is having two, or three! Jun 23, 2020 Jul 13, 2019 by Brandon Miller. This would not be my first dog, so I know how to train them, etc. It’s important to note that these figures may change depending on the activity level, age, and any dietary restrictions your dog may have. Then begin the exciting adventure of finding and evaluating breeders and rescue groups and selecting the right Westie. The Westie likes to dig and bark. A Westie is adaptable and will do well in any type of dwelling, including apartments (although if he isn't trained out of barking, he's likely to cause difficulties with the neighbors). However, once rewards are introduced, they will be incredibly eager to please. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); A good breeder will insist on a controlled breeding program and will not want the canines they produced bred without their knowledge. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); This is an assignment for the University of Central Missouri. No data so far. The little human is teaching me so m, This one, I wanna open this one! } catch(e) {}. West Highland White Terriers are sometimes found here, although shelter personnel might mislabel any small white terrier as a Westie, even if it's not. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Something went wrong. If a Westie is allowed to become the pack leader , it may snap when irritated and be combative with other dogs. 2 Comments. Many say the only thing better than owning a Westie, is owning two! This will give you the ability to bond together as well as expel any excess energy they may have. ... A Westie spreads his affection around to all the family members. Westipoos are known for their high energy, and they love being exercised, which is essential to ensure they do not become destructive. "Mental exercise" – interesting activities that keep the mind stimulated, such as a challenging dog sport (agility, rally obedience, musical freestyle, flyball, earthdog); challenging dog toys; a homemade obstacle course; tricks and games such as Musical Toys and Hide 'n Seek; instructions in my training book, An indoor lifestyle, except for exercise and bathroom breaks, Commitment to provide thorough socialization – introducing your Westie to lots of people and other animals, diligently correcting any signs of misbehavior or aggression, Commitment to establish the right Leader-Follower relationship with your Westie, teaching him to, a certificate from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) – dated within the past year – certifying the dog to be free of, a certificate from the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) or PennHip certifying the dog to have normal, a certificate from the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) certifying the dog to have normal. In addition, you’ll want to schedule at least 45 minutes out of every day to have one-on-one playtime with your pet. It’s impossible to predict which parent will have a stronger presence in the offspring. I'll tell you what's good about 'em, and what's bad about 'em... most honest review you'll ever find. However, they are highly alert to sounds and movement and will bark at unfamiliar presences. Check YouTube API key and channel ID. Read each post on this page. Decide on sex and age. As this breed is a first-generation hybrid, they typically exhibit a 50/50 lineage. Interested in the West Highland White Terrier? } one they are not very patient they do have a big attitude dont get me wrong sally was a lovely dog.

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