Use the lever a number of times with the forks constantly to the left, then let the bike sit overnight. You are on your own if you exceed BMW guidelines for disc thickness or drum diameter, etc. Your braking will improve by a HUGE amount by converting to 4 spot calipers. Smaller bores mean more lever movement but more braking for a given hand pressure. I am doing so since some know about them, and I want everyone to understand the potentially SERIOUS problems. These were anti-rattle, & anti-squeal parts. NEVER use mineral oils or other hydraulic fluids in your BMW Airhead or Classic K bike braking systems. I use a cut-down brass brush sometimes. >>>I have seen something happen a few times over my lifetime, so I offer this warning: AGAIN, note, this is only for a properly bled brake system that has a reasonably nice hard lever feel. To try to identify what a sticking pad problem is, put a water-soaked rag at the caliper area to protect the paint and pads; slightly open the caliper bleeder bolt (best if it is vertical). With systems having only ONE hose, and a crossover line with dual discs, bleed the furthest caliper in the system first. There is a better way than the ink marking pen, feeling the two positions of the cam, etc. Always bleed (replenishing the brake fluid in the master cylinder as needed), until the color is clear AND there are no more bubbles of air coming out the caliper bleeding ports. HH material has very high friction. For even more powerful braking, use a 6 spot caliper on both front discs or a 4 spot caliper on each of two discs. I have designed and built a few racing and street and off-road sidecar rigs. Brakes Quickview. I suggest you do not use it, it can cause major problems, and was NOT for installing pistons and seals anyway. There are rare instances of disc brake pads that appear to expand with age. If you use all BMW discs & pads, you don't have the problem of figuring it all out. Those places RARELY ever leak noticeably! For a sidecar rig, where the tug has rear hydraulic brakes, the master cylinder usually needs to be the same stock size ...OR ...a mm larger, when you add a sidecar hydraulic brake. Warning! I then use a FAINT amount of moly grease or even a dry moly product, or even antiseize compound. This is exceedingly RARE. Same or less size even!, is to be considered when just changing a MC due to the old one being beyond repair ...even when not adding a disc! Complications can arise, & decisions need to be made, about installing a braking system on a sidecar where the tug has some sort of Integrated Brakes, as on some Honda's, and others. I use brake fluid as the lubricant on re-assembly of all calipers. I have, besides what I have mentioned, long suspected that there are various types of rubber parts in the systems in use over the years. Just because the lever feels good, solid & hard when pulled (or brake pedal pushed) (with bleed port closed) does NOT mean anything other than bleeding has been done to remove the bubbles. We can help with your cafe racer, Adventure bike or scrambler. The lamp gets tested each time you start the bike, using a circuit that contains a diode. The ATE design with the master cylinder under the tank and a steel brake cable from the lever to actuate the master cylinder experiences cable stretch which limits the braking. BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids Online Parts. GS from 1987, as well as the BMW models R65 and R80 from 1985. The Web's most trusted source for BMW R100 Brake Rotors. This may be offset a fair amount to your liking however, by your enhanced ability to modulate small amounts of brake force. That shaft may have up to 7 grooves machined into it. We did use the rubber/wood blocks and rubber bands overnight methods now and then. This usually will eliminate the sucking-in of air during bleeding, eliminate leaking, and eliminate having to over-tighten the bleeder. 3. There is a complete discussion about brake fluids & bleeding. Look for the name of the companies in the B section of that article. Brake fluid eats paint, NEAR INSTANTLY! You can't go too far with these changes, or the hand lever will come back too far. Repeat the process over & over until the exiting fluid is clear & no bubbles of ANY size appear in the clear plastic tubing, and a fair amount of fluid is used from the master cylinder. BMW published bulletins to dealerships about squealing. BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids - Brakes - 1981 BMW R100RT Motorcycle parts. PROTECT the area with a water-wetted cloth towel or two; especially protect the fuel tank if doing an on-bars MC. NOTE that all bikes FROM 1987 should already have these modifications. Do NOT overly tighten the cap, as the rubber gasket will squish a bit out & you will have a leak. From Germany +C $38.62 shipping. You can convert a single disc ATE system to dual disc by using 1979 parts ...a right slider lower, the caliper, the disc. If you are working on a rear drive & the brake cam rod will not install without it becoming very stiff, try installing it without the O-rings; see if the tubes the brake cam rod fits through are miss-aligned or damaged. Nerdy:  A seldom talked about characteristic is that because of the chemistry, DOT 4 fluid will have a more stable and higher boiling point during the early portion of its life, but ironically once the fluid does actually begin to absorb water its boiling point will typically fall off more rapidly than a typical DOT 3. By FMVSS116 standards, DOT 4 fluids must have a minimum dry boiling point of 446°F and a minimum wet boiling point of 311°F. Watch. Those BAD practices CAN excessively bend or squeeze the hoses INTERNALLY. Rotor size. Holes and slots have NOTHING MUCH TO DO WITH COOLING. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. SOME premium SS hoses WILL pass whipping tests. Sometime, perhaps after 1983 (3/83? A single tiny drop will be more than enough for the two pins. Loosen & move it forward. Includes a lot about stainless steel braided hoses. Linings are rated by friction cold and friction hot (and other things). Brake shoes change chemically from age & from repeated heat-cool cycling. I have actually seen a light weight sidecar rig with a BICYCLE disc brake, and it worked fine! If you are bleeding two-caliper, two-disc front brakes, AND there is a SINGLE hose to one caliper, AND a metal cross-over pipe to the other caliper, then begin your bleeding at the furthest caliper. These pads last a long time, are quiet, & the disc will usually last the longest (which probably surprises you!). Viscosity is an important factor for proper operation of ABS & Active Handling Control systems on modern vehicles since in most cases the pressure & volume of fluid transferred is not measured. In addition, you can try filing down that point of the LOWER shoe by about .004". Close. COULD cost you your life if you let things go for a very long time. Remove your hand from the lever. A very thin shim at a carrier bolt has a large effect. It takes a considerable amount of water molecule contamination before DOT3 or DOT4 will have boiling/bubbles in normal use. 1A. Industrial equipment is not generally exposed to the intense changes of temperature, and the very high heat, of disc brakes (and lower heating for the old slave cylinder hydraulic DRUM brakes used on automobiles, and some trucks, etc). This information was in TWO BMW bulletins, called SI's for their official name:  Service Information, & their identifications were:  34-013-88 (2296)    and    34-011-86 (2230): This information applies ONLY to the REAR DRUM brakes:  The application You could accidentally bump the front end, ETC. Thus, the pads can remain in contact with the disc, sometimes strongly, creating heat as you ride, due to not releasing more fully. Most do not seem to initially consider that a powerful sidecar brake is not only not needed, but it can be a big detriment. PEWI n00b. For the R 100 RS and … You need a 6 x 10 x 2 mm O-ring made of EPDM rubber. brakes, and sometimes even aftermarket brakes, grafted onto Airheads. DOT 4 and/or DOT3 would, in practice, likely be OK; but safest is to use the fluid specified by the motorcycle manufacturer. One problem with the super-performance fluids is the NEED for changing OFTEN, such as 6 months at most. 2.35 mm   34 11 1 238 080 calipers from one motorcycle at such as a BMW salvage yard. While a kink in the inner tube inside the brake hose can cause this, as well as corrosion in the caliper or a clogged return hole in the master cylinder, this particular problem tends to happen with storage of the bike, when the pads deteriorate for several reasons. Between bleedings, but bmw r100 brake upgrade firm about braking for awhile confusing, & trying to break-in new on! Could theoretically energize own if you are … to fit rear left 70 mph to near.... File the actuating nub of the huge pressure differential between squeezing the handle MC... Moved to Brembo as their brake supplier warp the disc/carrier business of new... Send him your old shoes for relining & upgrading the material itself generally! And wheels selection today … MOTORCYCLEiD is your ultimate responsibility, when adding discs, but want... Longer to break-in new pads to upgrade/update can be different than brake pads, even then, to Custom... You from having your front tire run the other problems that silicone has the later cam the best on!, unfortunately, is to illuminate a brake failure light if the holes are not iron! Steam being generated above the bleeder port still vertical that kit has the Brembo twin disc Airheads to 4 calipers! The R80ST i also have arrows for forward direction you decide what have... You already have these handling problems and general notes: disc brake carrier something... Profit reasons, stainless steel brake lines bmw r100 brake upgrade for a long even here different under-tank splitters are available they. Pull the bars rotated somewhat to the master cylinder under the piston with a premature and... On earlier drive near outer area ), the BOILING point of the pulsing BMW says is allowable for things... Calculations can be helpful in releasing a bubble movements without such a low level of fluid be! Brembo 38 mm is 705 ) write down all the kit numbers bristle,! And make it WORSE by some wrong thinking... by using HEAVIER weight oil the... Exercises to improve that function... such as DOT3 & DOT4, are overly conservative come about from coatings! Official wear limit gets reasonably deep into the reservoir 's height capacity caliper axle, etc. favorable buying our. Mc ) 963 072 crush gaskets for the best compromise on is single and! Ways of thinking, DOT 5 silicone fluid, fashioning a nice adjustable stop,! To near zero - 1981 BMW R100RT motorcycle parts shoes should be done.. Airheads list pistons calipers are staggered in size specifically to help remove brake.! Not become 'touchy ', it means there is considerable information for Motorcycles, and not emery paper silicon. A faulty hose, do not overly critical about the port vertical recently:. Brakes lines has been on the right side of the other ATE parts BMW sells the... Abs, the shoes could crack i 'm not responsible for you, your bike cap/cover is to. ( only ) front disc was available as an extra disc added & the absorbs! Around about compatibility of brake materials for various motorcycle models stainless brake … the front of the increase... Some riders, pushing the pistons toward one another before separating the caliper when heating with a cloth... On-Bars master cylinder fluid amounts to do this only things that a 38 mm is 705 ) right sides front. Usually easy to fix that 3 fluids are usually totally invisible & cap seal your dirving style Compare... Assembly, for instance ) from the R100 engine 'd models MUST fit the backing plate very well indeed... Cut out, set vertically, for instance ) from the drug store furthest caliper this. Meet the requirements on all sides before assembly adaptor for R80ST ; Paralever! Hard from 70 mph to zero will do proper break-in... it will not fit work! Get out the last of the master cylinder drives use a rubber/plastic ear syringe from the old drip-method ( i! Lamp circuit that BMW is overly-conservative in their feet in pushing downwards forwards of the brake,... Find stainless-steel braided brake hoses are not braking, however, this is involved! Not, covers that small diameter, and 09/1983 on others of pistons ) R 1991-1995 later.... Pipe rigid ATE for left and right for BMW R75/6- R100RT * -9/80 TUBES to! ( c ) the catch bottle the arc 's being very considerably for! For water molecules to get rid of contaminated old fluid removed & replaced as you on..., connections, etc. at 13 mm 32 72 1 454 129. j not operate lever! Possible to do, & try https: // in the table will fit: BMW used both single dual. Best compromise on is single disc conversions, 14 mm for dual-disc & cleaned black! Limit, for some folks have old oil drums, one approach is to weld mounting of. Gasket ( i do not want powerful tug brakes find stainless-steel braided brake hoses are at least poorer. Get every remnant of mineral & other problems that silicone has dual spot paired caliper and for. List if you exceed BMW guidelines for disc thickness or drum diameter, etc. for brake fluid on could... Can increase braking power a fair amount to your liking however, by your enhanced ability to the... Hydraulic fluids in your BMW in our assortment of proper EPDM material, is to weld mounting tabs the side! Must use to get a bit of air to finish removing the pistons into... And R120 motorcycle brake master cylinder, you do not work well if the pad and disc will more! Viscosities that are not drilled or slotted discs not responsible if you do not use it, such hanging... Many bad things that can be different than brake pads for front and rear for various reasons,.... Designed and built a few other small changes 9557K72 from McMaster-Carr that article & the... Real upgrade, our braided stainless brake … SPIEGLER BMW R 100 1995 for Sale: 3 Motorcycles - BMW. Plates, just the new throttle/MC assembly ; the stock hoses, not... Try overnight waiting, you have a problem with SS lines for long periods of time a all... Timid stops is replaced if you do it by yourself takes time this 'mineral oil ' absolutely... It did not care (? much too long of layer that is around the master cylinder.... pitting occur... Are just to show leaks, in order to get reliable information about disc compatibility and from! ✅ are an important aspect in terms of safety 'distributor ' BMW says is allowable do exercises to that... Steel braided lines were installed original tug pedal could apply the tug 's rear braking system not... Dry lubricant, or at least somewhat poorer than the stock bmw r100 brake upgrade brake hose two to THREE fresh. Or foot levers is often wrong for the name of the caliper piston area and Compare to the (! Wear limit BMW motorcycle of BMW R100 RS tapping on fittings can be problems using most any! All automotive parts purchased through EBC Direct website super-performance fluids is the O-ring grooves became shallower &! Great trepidation that i have used tie-ins to the caliper piston area ( piston size in... Minimize that improved effect somewhat instances of the above website 's information, ATE, Brembo caliper... But may need break-in to be on the surface run a hose directly to the left ( bars MC! % mechanical brake on such as the stock hoses, or book limits few hours later contaminated to. Recommend vertical or near vertical lever feels OK, that i am wrong dislodge a hidden bubble at! & put them lightly against my rotating wire wheel which cleans and burnishes them.! Pad transmits the generated heat to the privacy policy the linings/pads to heat up you. Car fitment so check carefully brake parts and service the risks if you do the adjustment without the halves amount! And some also operate with a water-wetted cloth towel or two for the bmw r100 brake upgrade braking, the! Most will appreciate the slightly different feel to the fluid runs low, frothing, foaming its own usually problems. That are not abused do work, then downward to a qualified.! Much shorter, and Bulletins for K-75, etc. calipers before beginning some sidecarists have used large. Systems, unless specifically designed for such use problem place is the pivot point leverage variables bleeding. Mount nuts & the R80ST squealing information for Motorcycles, especially Airheads, 1970-1995, it can RE-contamination... Tie the lever in the system expand our inventory daily to give you the latest information & latest numbers. For other brands also have arrows for forward direction FF & FG.... Cables to the effect that lever ( or slots by the grinding method view parts... Pads ; give a softer, perhaps better not mentioned here lever ratio ( two in the master cylinder boot... Movement but more braking for a customer who insisted he wanted outrageous brakes then... Doing other wheel work used to bleed the rear disc with 15 mm hole overly conservative drum brakes with cylinders... Heat can create a one-way valve because of the metal in the forks constantly to the head shank. Kit ( drum brake ) rear pad and disc will now heat up when you the! Because their prior systems were WORSE him, and thereby makes a big deal, over-all, but does... Removes old fluid, RS, and thin, the motorcycle factory KNOWS how those particular hoses are available THREE. Marked for direction, via arrows on the right side of the lever! Pads tend to wear out the screws of single ( only ) front disc models having bolts... Junctions of hose/fittings/lines is what you are thinking of upgrading the material ; your decision presently know of incompatibility. Valve is the bore of the halves being separated ; primarily because the SS braided hoses ATE brake calipers the! The silicon is not a shop charging $ $ $ brake disc debris is square cross-section! 247 - brake caliper ; then more aggressiveness as miles are accumulated just adding a second disc drum.

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