Info: - No permits/reservations necessary. County. The River to River Trail runs east to west, or vice versa. The mighty Mississippi and Minnesota River are the two waterways connected by the River to River Greenway. The River to River Trail passes through some of the most scenic areas in the country with a combination of plains, bayous, bluffs and upland forests. The River to River trail is the greenest connection to those rivers as it passes through parks and tree lined streets! Future construction projects will link Valley Park in Mendota Heights to … (The project was formerly known by the less colorful moniker North Urban Regional Trail.) Be advised that there are some slick icy spots out there so be careful. Hardin County, Illinois. The River to River Trail Plan is a collaborative effort to link Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo with one continuous, dedicated trail. GPS Coordinates. The River-to-River Trail stretches 157 miles across Southern Illinois, from Elizabethtown on the Ohio River to Grand Tower on the Mississippi. The trail is in place between Robert Street and the Mississippi River in South St. Paul. Keep an eye on the right side for H-Rock. River to River Trail: First Section is a 21.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Elizabethtown, Illinois that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Along the trail, revel at the quiet beauty of the bluffs above Cedar Lake, breathtaking sunsets at Garden of the Gods, and migrating waterfowl who use the surrounding floodplains of the Mississippi River to roost or find temporary shelter. There is not a lot to see up that way. But Trail #001A pretty much goes straight ahead and down to a very cool creekside trail surrounded on both sides by bluff walls. River to River Trail (Trail #001) goes left and up a big hill. 558 likes. River to River Trail Area Status: Open Spanning from the Ohio River to the Mississippi River, this 160-mile trail passes through some of the most scenic areas of southern Illinois, including upland forests, wetlands, grasslands and bluffs. Related terms: jeep trail, path, ski trail Man-made. The River-To-River Trail is a horseback riding section of the American Discovery Trail that extends coast-to-coast across the USA. Nine days later, my Mom was able to pick me up at Grand Tower. I live about an hour away from the western terminus, so I decided to start in the east and head west back home. So on October 18th, my parents graciously drove me two hours to Elizabethtown. DECEMBER 27th TRAIL REPORT: Temperatures have dropped below freezing overnight and so most trails are available for use this morning. Stop for a drink … 108C takes you back to The Garden of the Gods observation parking area. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Trail. River parkways are one of the best things to discover in Sacramento where you can explore nature and go for miles and miles. On some of the higher trails, the snow was packed down and wet yesterday afternoon so those trails are likely to be very slippery this morning. River to River Trail Plan. Bike it or hike it! Route for passage from one point to another; does not include roads or highways. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and backpacking. River to River Trail Part of Shawnee National Forest. Home - No permits required for designated wilderness camping. The Official Site of the River to River Trail Society The latest edition ( fourth) of the River to River Trailguide is now available for purchase using the web page. The River to River Greenway connects Lilydale, Mendota Heights, West St. Paul and South St. Paul.

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